Technology Overview - Aeriale

Technology Overview - Aeriale


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Aeriale by Electro Breeze

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Technology Overview

The Aeriale Air Cleaner is the most effective air cleaner for purifying your indoor air!
PROVEN – Aeriale-Air Cleaners have proven themselves worldwide in hospitals, restaurants, bars, manufacturing plants, office buildings, and tens of thousands of homes.

SIMPLE – Aeriale Air Cleaners fit right into your existing 1″ paper and fibreglass filter track, and can be wired into your heating system – or simply plug into a 110v wall outlet. If you have a heating/cooling system with no filter rack we can help you find a place for a Aeriale Air Cleaner – just call.

EFFICIENT – Aeriale Air Cleaners remove the most harmful particles form the air; the smallest ones. They remove 99% of particles above 1 micron, and 97% of particles above 0.3 microns in size – and will make the particles that are smaller than that group into bigger clusters. Further, the activated carbon center of the disposable air cleaner pad will absorb many odors and gases.

UNIQUE – Aeriale Air Cleaners use safe low voltage (24v) electricity to create a strong static electric field across the disposable air cleaner pad. Through the power of electrostatic polarization, the air cleaner attracts pollution particles – even the tiniest ones – like a magnet collects paper clips. The active field on the media allows Aeriale to actually increase in efficiency as they load.

LOW MAINTENANCE– Just unplug the air cleaner, slide it out and replace the center media pad. No messy cleaning process, no expensive new filter to buy, your entire system will run more efficiently. Replacing the pad takes only a couple of minutes. Usually, only three or four times a year depending on the air quality where you live.

ECONOMICAL – Aeriale Air Cleaners cost just pennies per month to operate. Further, by keeping your ducts and heating and cooling equipment cleaner, your entire system will run more efficiently. Replacement pads cost about $4.00 a month for a year’s supply.

HEALTHY – Most air filters are just there to protect the equipment. By capturing sub-micron particles, Aeriale air cleaners will help protect something far more important: the health of your family. In addition to being a healthier environment, your home will also be cleaner and easier to maintain.

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