A 124C Furnace air cleaner

A 124C Furnace air cleaner




The Aeriale A124 AirPanel is a high-efficiency electronic air cleaner that delivers clean air to every room in your home. The A124 is a very powerful 1″panel that slides into your existing air filter track.
The A124 PowerHead works in conjunction with our CarbonCore Cleaner Pads to polarize and trap airborne particles as they pass through your heating and cooling system. Aeriale Air Cleaners do not produce harmful ozone.

  • High Efficiency: 99% effective @ 1 micron, 97% @ 0.3 microns!
  • Patented Titanium ball technology for optimum conductivity.
  • CarbonCore Pads reduce household odors
  • Uses your existing air ducts to deliver clean air to every room in your home
  • Easy installation in the 1″ filter track of your current heating/cooling system
  • No harmful ozone
  • Does not interfere with your home decor
  • High quality aluminum frame construction
  • Completely noiseless operation, Very low power consumption
  • Easy hook up to HVAC 24V control panel or use 24v Adapter included

Offer Includes:

  • A124 AirPanel
  • One-Year supply of Replacement Pads (4)
  • 24v Adapter for easy installation
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping !

What Size do I choose? Simple. Select the A124 size identical to the size of 1″ paper and fiberglass filter you use today.

Custom Orders: Yes we do custom orders/sizes. All orders ship out within 48 hours.

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