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Aeriale by Electro Breeze

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Below are the instructions to help you confidently order custom Replacement Pads and AirPanels online:

Measure your Panel or Duct

All custom replacement pad orders are done in the context of a panel size. Measure the Height and Width of you panel IF you can’t locate the size. Round up your measurement to the nearest inch.
Replacement Pads and AirPanels
Example: Exact PANEL measurements of 15 5/8″ x 24 5/8″ = a 16 x 25 PANEL size. This is called a NOMINAL SIZE.

We can also do EXACT SIZE orders. It is best to email us or call us in advance of placing your exact size order.

Calculate Oversize (oversize or regular)
To calculate oversizing, multiply H x W. if the result is greater than 577 square inches, then select Custom Oversize from PANEL SIZE dropdown at Checkout.

Ordering Online: ADD TO CART
Based on your measurments above, Select Custom or Custom Oversize from Panel Size dropdown and ADD to CART. There is an additional charge for oversize orders.

Upon checkout, complete billing and ship to address(if different) information at checkout.

NOTE: prior to checkout – put your PANEL measurements in the custom Comments section which is PRIOR to completing credit card Information

Transaction Complete
Please note: all custom orders are individually evaluated prior to construction – and 9 out of 10 times a personal email is generated to confirm custom sizes and order is understood.